We’re not just artisanal coffee roasters. We’re farmers, coaxing vibrant fruit from the earth.
Love in Every Sip

SPECIALTY GRADE: Always a top 3% crop

FAIR PAY: Our farmers earn 48% above the national minimum wage

FAIR PLAY: Zero corruption up and down the supply chain

GUARANTEED: Because we own the farm

We make customizing and managing your 

subscription a pleasure.

The Definitive Farm to Cup Coffee Company
John, Farm Manager
John Farm Manager
Ideal Environment

Our farm is located in the mountains of Nicaragua at an altitude of 4,200 feet, an ideal environment for growing premium coffee.

Beth, Fermentation Specialist
Beth Quality Control Specialist
Precise Fermentation

Because we own our wet mill, we can ensure that fermentation is executed correctly, developing our coffee’s sugars and improving drink texture.

Lane, Lead Roaster
Layne Lead Roaster
Small Batch Roasted

Rootline coffee is roasted to order in small batches. Using top-of-the-line Mill City roasting machines and our proprietary Doss Method, we develop optimal flavor in every bean.

Christie, Certified Q-Grader
Christie Certified Q-Grader
Consistent Testing

Cupping confirms freshness, quality and the consistency of each batch and harvest. Because our “cupper” is in-house, we can sample our roast as often as we want to—which is all the time.

David, Operations Director
David Operations Director
Sustainable packaging

Whole bean or custom ground, whatever you order, we carefully deliver our coffee in a machine-sealed, recyclable bag with degassing valve.

Love in Every Sip

With aromas of chocolate and almond, lemon zest, brown sugar, caramel and cinnamon, you'll feel like you're holding something alive. Breathe it in...

From Seed to Sip

Celebrate farm to cup coffee by sharing Rootline coffee at your coffee house, store, restaurant, or office.

From Seed to Sip

From dark roasts with notes of dark chocolate and roasted almonds to light roasts evoking zesty lemon and brown sugar, Rootline offers coffee to delight every palate. Whether you stick with a favorite roast or change your subscription every month, you’ll always receive coffee that was lovingly crafted at every step of its journey from our farm to your door.