Our Story
Lovingly Crafted, From Seed to Sip

At Rootline, we believe that great coffee begins with great people. From the farmers who tend the coffee plants to the fulfillment team who put on the finishing touches, we’re honored to work alongside a talented and caring international community.

Our premium roasts are born in a complex ecosystem, but they transform into something delightfully simple: a sumptuous sip of coffee, infused with love at every step.

Our Farm to Cup Promise

Unlike most artisanal coffee companies, we actually own our coffee farm. Because we love getting our hands in the soil, we can guarantee that each step—farming, processing, roasting, grading, and packaging—is done with care and precision.

Our coffee begins its journey in the high mountains of Nicaragua, where the terrain, altitude, and climate are just right for cultivating premium coffee. When it arrives in Texas and South Dakota, our coffee beans are already bursting with the world-class flavor that sets Rootline apart.

People Worth Celebrating

Our coffee is more than a tasty beverage. It’s a celebration of our people: their passion, their God-given creativity, and their dedication to making something beautiful.

What Makes Our Farm Special

A Powerful Name

Finca Esperanza de Gloria, or “Hope of Glory Farm,” invokes the promise of redemption and the beauty of creation: two concepts that are near to the heart of our team.

Fertile Soil

At an altitude of 4,200 feet, our coffee farm is home to an abundance of nutritious soil. Our farmers gather each harvest patiently, coaxing every drop of flavor from the rich Nicaraguan earth—just one of the reasons that our specialty-grade coffee ranks in the top 3% worldwide.

Fair Treatment

Because we own the farm, we’re able to develop personal relationships with our farmers and support them in ways that other coffee companies can’t. We provide daycare for all of our farm employees, offer them pure water and daily meals, and pay them 48% above the national minimum wage. When you buy from Rootline, you’ll know that you’re receiving exquisite coffee made without a trace of corruption, so you can savor every sip.

Find Your Perfect Flavor

From decadent dark roasts with notes of chocolate to lighter roasts with a hint of zesty lemon, Rootline offers coffee to satisfy every palate. Whether this is your first taste of specialty-grade coffee or you’re a seasoned connoisseur, you’re sure to find a flavor that will bring joy to your morning and delight to your taste buds.